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Kilimanjaro’s glaciers, the summit of climate challenges

“The snows of Kilimanjaro will give you a white coat to sleep in,” went the syrupy lyrics to a tune from the 1960’s French yéyé years, by a singer who had probably never set foot on the mountain – home to three volcanoes in north-eastern Tanzania.

Fantasising about the world’s beautiful sites is good. Preserving them is even better. Because the “white coat” from Pascal Danel’s song could be a distant memory in less than three decades…

Based on satellite data, a recent UNESCO report predicts that the glaciers in one-third of the UN’s World Heritage sites will have melted by 2050, regardless of whatever  measures are taken to combat climate change. This global heritage covers almost 10% of the Earth’s glacial surface, about 18,600 glaciers at 50 important tourist sites, including sacred places.



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