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Nigeria’s Tizeti tries its luck in Francophone Africa

For Tizeti’s tenth anniversary, Kendall Ananyi, at the helm of the Nigerian start-up founded in 2012, pulled out all the stops: between growth forecasts, expansion plans and an IPO, this former member of the Californian incubator Y Combinator proudly displayed his colours. The company, which has 300 employees and 3,884 access points in Nigeria and Ghana, is moving forward with plans to enter two markets that are already well served by traditional telecom operators.

While Tizeti hopes to enter the Togolese market – where the regulatory authority for electronic communications and postal services (ARCEP) has called on mobile and fixed-line operators to “improve the quality of services and lower prices” – there are major competitors that could curb the Nigerian start-up’s ardour in Côte d’Ivoire.



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