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‘Amazon or Jumia’s consumer model cannot succeed in Africa’

Development in French-speaking African countries, competition with the American giant, inflation… Daniel Yu, the founder of Wasoko, a start-up valued at more than $600 million, answered Jeune Afrique’s questions from Nigeria, where he is prospecting the market.

Daniel Yu is not one to hide his ambitions or his convictions. This thirty-something American founded Wasoko (formerly Sokowatch) in 2013 with the certainty he had the ideal model of online commerce made in Africa. Exhibiting his confidence to anyone who will pay attention to him, with his company he has swept away the Western concept of online commerce, which targets the final consumer directly (business to consumer or B2C) preferring instead to sell his products to professionals (B2B), thus connecting daily and directly with small traders and neighbourhood grocers.

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