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Who is Ibrahim Traoré, the man who brought down Damiba?

The 34-year-old captain, Burkina Faso’s new strongman, took part in Lieutenant Colonel Damiba’s coup d’état in January 2022. Surfing on the discontent of the officers of his generation towards their elder, Traoré is now heading up the transition in Burkina Faso.

When he was named as the leader of the coup plotters, certain observers pointed out his resemblance to Thomas Sankara. In addition to the red beret, Ibrahim Traoré – Burkina Faso’s new strongman since his successful coup against Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba – has several points in common with the national icon: both are captains, both came to power at the age of 34, and both are perpetrators of a putsch against the military, which had itself come to power by force eight months earlier…

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