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Live coverage and latest updates day 8

The Jan. 6 select committee’s eighth public hearing Thursday will go inside the White House to detail then-President Donald Trump’s hourslong refusal to call for an end to the Capitol riot.

The hearing, set to start at 8 p.m. ET, marks the final scheduled presentation of the committee’s initial findings from its investigation of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection, when throngs of Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol and temporarily stopped Congress from confirming President Joe Biden’s victory. The nine-member committee, which is comprised of seven Democrats and two Republicans, has accused Trump of being at the center of a multi-pronged conspiracy to overturn his loss to Biden in the 2020 contest.

The panel is expected to present audio and video evidence, as well as live testimony from two former White House officials, to drill down on Trump’s inaction during a crucial 187-minute gap between the end of his pre-riot rally near the White House and his eventual Twitter call for the mob to go home.

Trump may have been the “sole person” with the power to stop the invasion, “and he chose not to,” a committee aide told reporters Wednesday.

The panel will release a comprehensive report when its probe has finished, and it has left open the possibility of scheduling more hearings in the future as it continues to gather evidence.

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