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Juancho Hernangómez Winds Down With Good Wine and the Stars Above Asturias

3. Experiencing New Cultures Now when I’m going to a city, I try to wake up early to walk around just to see the art or to see the buildings, how the people eat, how the people drink coffee, how the people talk. It’s beautiful. A lot of my teammates, they’ve never been out of America. They told me, “I travel a lot. I went to Mexico.” And I was like, “Brother, but this is not traveling.”

4. Local Food Because we are N.B.A. players, we go to fancy restaurants. But I told them, “I’m not going to eat in fancy restaurants. I want to go to the local restaurant.” If I go Italy, I want the dirty restaurant where they’ve been open since 1920 and they were a hundred years doing the best pizza. When I’m going to San Francisco, I eat the seafood there, even if you get dirty doing the crab thing.

5. Classic Cars My dream is to have a Mustang from 1968, ’69. I’m still looking because it’s hard to find a good one. When I get to be 70 years old, I’ll give it to my son, his son will give it to his son — three, four, five generations, like a family thing. Classic cars, you take care of them like your kids.

6. Following the Economy We’re living in a world where the changes are really quick, so you’ve got to be ready. You see what happened with the cryptocurrencies in the last year. Everybody went crazy. Now it’s going down. I love to read every day what they say, how people predict things that never happen, then the people who [others] say were wrong when they were true. My dad always tells me if you invest in something, believe that you lost it so you don’t regret it.

7. The Hermanos Hernangómez Basketball Camp It’s the thing that I’m most proud of. We made a camp, my brother and myself and my sister, for two weeks in Spain, in my hometown, and the kids go to play basketball. But it’s not just for basketball. They go to the swimming pool. They’ve got art. They’ve got English class. They play soccer. We go there every single day. I love kids so much, so I’m playing with them. Parents always tell me, “It was the best week of his life.”

8. Country Music I didn’t hear country until I went to Denver [to play with the Nuggets]. I went to Red Rocks and they put on a country concert and it was unbelievable. You see the sunset. It’s just the vibe. There’s something special about Red Rocks that makes that even better.



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