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From Ella Fitzgerald to Wizkid, Aṣa’s radical turn

With ‘V’, her fifth album, which she recorded in Lagos, Nigerian singer Aṣa has taken the time to reconnect with the local scene and collaborate with some big-name artists, like Wizkid.

Gone is the guitar-wielding, wise-cracking rocker look. Aṣa, whose real name is Bukola Elemide, has swapped her huge black glasses – her trademark since the beginning of her career – for flashy tinted lenses. She has even been daring enough to post pictures of herself wearing grillz, the favourite accessory of US rappers, on her Instagram account. This is a sign that the jazz enthusiast – who grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald and her father’s vinyl records, from Marvin Gaye to Fela Kuti – has done a 180.

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