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‘Barry’ Is Back. Here’s What You Need to Know.

As Season 2 ended, Sally learned to her dismay that these producers expect her to play roles like the one in her showcase: a victim who stands up to her victimizer. Since she fudged her autobiography for that scene, she doesn’t feel connected to those kinds of characters. Sally has wanted to be a famous actress for most of her adult life. Now she is wandering how much she will have to compromise to realize that dream.

Since Season 1, the men and women of law enforcement have always been a few steps behind Barry — if they are on his trail at all. His involvement with the death of a fellow acting student is what got him in trouble with Moss in the first place, and led to him killing her to keep her quiet. Moss’s death then pushed Loach to target Barry. And now Loach’s death has brought another detective into the picture: Mae Dunn (Sarah Burns), who toward the end of Season 2 was misdirected into arresting a stunned Gene for Moss’s murder. (He was later released.)

None of these people has been able to pin anything on Barry — yet. In Season 3, perhaps Detective Dunn will be the one to put all the pieces together.

The overall tone of “Barry” — wryly comic and unflinchingly dark — suggests that Hader and Berg may not have a happy ending in mind for their title character. And given that he’s a violent and emotionally disturbed man who has killed many, many people, it’s hard to argue that Barry deserves one.

So fans may have to pin their hopes on NoHo Hank, the Chechen crime lord who, over the course of this series, has been both Barry’s nemesis and an ally. An upbeat fellow, Hank has taken to the Los Angeles lifestyle even more than Barry has. (The “NoHo” nickname is short for “North Hollywood.”) His cheery demeanor and preference for defusing conflicts rather than escalating them has gotten him into trouble with his bosses back home, who want him to eliminate his rivals, not make new friends. Yet he keeps surviving and even thriving, as his colleagues fall.

At the end of Season 2, Hank tipped off Barry about Fuches’s monastery hide-out. In the resulting melee, a lot of Hank’s associates were killed. This unexpectedly boosted his status within his own organization — though it also likely ended his truce with the Bolivian and Burmese gangs. Plus, Hank may soon have trouble with the law, given that Barry planted evidence with Moss’s body to implicate the Chechen mob.

Still, if anyone can make the most of a no-win scenario, it’s our NoHo Hank. And it says something about how wonderfully cockeyed “Barry” is that even though Hank is just as evil as anyone else on this show, his pleasant disposition has made him our primary rooting interest — almost by default.



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