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Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe on ‘Lost City’

How did Brad Pitt get involved with “The Lost City”?

TATUM Brad’s in this movie?


I know it’s an uncredited role, but he is in the trailer.

BULLOCK Oh, totally. We’re abusing the amount of seconds we’re allowed to use him in the trailer because his contract was exactly the same as my contract for “Bullet Train.” Brad and I have been doing favors for each other back and forth over the years. Janine Thompson, who does my hair, also does Brad’s hair, and he got her on the phone and said, “Can Sandy come do ‘Bullet Train’?” When we saw this role, we said, “All right, Janine, talk to Brad. You’re right near his head right now — lean down into his ear and say, “You’re doing ‘Lost City.’” And he did.

It feels like he’s parodying his early persona as a buff, longhaired hunk.

BULLOCK He walked in, and I went, “What happened to your body?” He’s like, “I bulked up for the role.” I was like, “For this role? The one where you’re here for three and a half days?” He even gave us an extra day. I had to go into the trailer and go, “Mr. Pitt, I know you only contractually gave us three days, but do you mind?”

Channing, how soon until you shoot the third “Magic Mike” movie?

TATUM I leave for London tomorrow, and it’s going to be pretty bonkers. We’re kind of swinging for the fences — there never needs to be another stripper movie after this one. We’re trying to do a fish-out-of-water story where it’s a reverse-role “Pretty Woman” story that ends up with a lot of dancing in it.

Daniel, you’re making a movie about the pop parodist Weird Al Yankovic. How’s that going?

RADCLIFFE I could not be more excited for people to see it. I did one shot the other day and Al walked up to me afterward and was like, “Is that the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do?” I was like, “It’s top two, with the only other one being Paul Dano riding me like a Jet Ski at the beginning of ‘Swiss Army Man.’”

TATUM I just love that he’s there on set.

RADCLIFFE Oh yeah, he’s there every day. And I’m pleased to report he is the nicest man.



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