Youth Baseball

It’s no secret that fewer kids are playing baseball these days.  There are a lot of factors that contribute to this trend, but we think that lack of balance between winning and other objectives, like player development and having fun, is a big factor in this trend.

Our mission at is to provide tools for youth baseball coaches to enable them to provide balance to their teams, in order to provide a more enjoyable, enriching experience to players, coaches and parents.

Our Philosophy

If you are volunteering your time to coach youth baseball, t-ball or softball. You probably want to do the “right” thing.  You want to help make each of your players better, regardless of their talent level.  You want to give each player equal playing time regardless of their current skill level in order to help each player develop.  Most important, you want to help your players learn values that will help them later in life.

Unfortunately, most likely, not every coach in your league is as concerned with all these objectives.  There are probably coaches that are interested in only one thing–WINNING.  He may not be interested in developing all of his player’sand may consider some to be hopeless causes.  On game day, he will trot his few “best” players to the same fielding positions inning after inning.  The few “worst” players will split their time in the outfield and on the bench, hopefully fulfilling.

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