Which Car Policy Discounts Can Save You More?

Are you like many other car owners? If so, you may have kept the same car insurance policy for years, and never really thought about it much unless you needed to use it. Does this sound like you? Have you kept the same insurer for years without considering if it still was the best one for you and your family of drivers?

But financial experts tell us that this is a big mistake. In fact, we are told to shop and compare auto policies every 12 months or so. There are a lot of reasons to do this.

One thing that may change is the market. Insurers come and go, and those that stay change their policies. It is not safe to assume that the market is the same as it was a few years ago. Beyond the insurance market, changes in your own unique situation will affect your auto policy. If you have started a home business, taken another job, or put your teen driver behind the wheel, you probably should compare policies! Some other life changes, that may not seem as large, can also have a significant affect on your premiums.

Many people do not even take the time to speak with their own agent. You also have to assume that many agents do not call their clients to make sure that they are still getting the best deal. It may be time to sit down with a good local auto insurance agent and go over your coverage. Are you missing some money saving car policy discounts just because you do not know about them?

You may not even realize that some of these exist, and they may give you a good opportunity to get a better deal on your rates. In fact, you may even decide to purchase a different car in the future with these discounts in mind.

One new discount is for owners of green, or hybrid, vehicles. This is because some of the large insurers have determined that hybrid vehicle owners tend to be safer risks to cover. If you already bought a green car, you may want to find a company that will give you a break for this responsible purchase. If you are considering one, this may give you another reason to go green.

Many consumers take advantage of different multiple policy discounts. Many people benefit from covering their home and autos with the same company. This can also work if you own multiple vehicles. If you are not a home owners, you may find some insurers who will offer a discount for a car and renters policy too!

Your community probably has drivers safety classes that take a very short time to complete. You can even find some you can take from home through a PC or DVD player. For a few hours of your time taking a class, you can earn a discount worth hundreds of dollars over the next year!

Some people hesitate to shop for new policies because they think it will be too complicated and time consuming. But you can find many web based quote forms that will give you quick answers in a few minutes. You will get to compare quotes, policies, and companies. In addition, you will get the names of local agents who can help you over the phone or in person.

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