Vending Toy Machines-How to Start To Sell Toys In Your Machines

Vending toy machines are extremely popular with the kids. Choose the right product, and they will even be popular with teens especially with the right kind of jewelry. Here are some top ideas and strategies to add vending toy machines to your existing bulk vending business:

1- Choose the right bulk vending machine to sell vending toys. You don’t want to lose money from machines which do not work.

2- Choose good toys to sell in your machines. A good toy is one that sells well and one which has a good profit margin for you as a vending operator.

3- Vending toy machines must be regularly checked. Certain toys sell out quickly especially when you try a new selection. Empty machines will cause you to lose accounts.

4- Decide if you will sell 1″, 2″, or both sizes of toys. 2″ toys are more expensive and take more room for inventory but can also do very well for you.

5- Decide if you will use vending toy machines configured in toy racks or in simple double or triple headed configurations. Sometimes you can do well without having to buy toy rack setups. You can start without the racks and increase your business into toy racks later.

6- Check with bulk vending toy suppliers for what is selling well for other operators!!! This is an important point.

7- Don’t overlook rubber bouncy balls in your vending toy machines. These are a good size part of my business. Vending Toy machines can be challenging if you order too much product that doesn’t sell. Then you’re stuck with bad product. If you get stuck with bad product, mix it with other products and sell it as a general mix.

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