Should You Choose a Dedicated Server?

You have your domain and business idea and need to choose some hosting for your website. Do you get your own dedicated server or go with the cheaper shared hosting? Hosting a dedicated server is much more preferred for the serious site owner offering more flexibility and control. Furthermore, shared hosting many times does not allow you to modify or upload any program or application that you desire. There are many benefits of choosing a dedicated server over shared hosting, begin by reading Dedicated Hosting vs. Shared Hosting

Specialized Hosting

Internet hosting that the user has full control over the server he is being hosted on is called dedicated servers hosting. Unlike the shared web hosting, with the dedicated hosting the owner will not share resources with other users. This type of hosting is tailored for websites and web applications which generate a large hardware load which is unbearable for the limited resources of the shared hosting. The most commonly used operating systems are Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

ECommerce hosting packages

The creation and establishment of a business can be challenging the least, but the design of a ecommerce websites can be a real pleasure. When you are creating an online trading website, you should make sure you are choosing the right hosting plan. All you need for your website is a good reliable ecommerce hosting packages. The most popular and widely spread hosting plans are the WordPress (blog), Joomla (cms), 4images (gallery) and Moodle (eLearning).
After you have chosen your hosting plan, you will have to choose a shopping cart, that will power up your online shop and which will handle the payments and transactions on your website. A wonderful free solution is the OsCommerce shopping cart. Some payment processors have began to offer their own free shopping carts to their merchant account holders. One of those is PayPal.

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