Security of Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is the hot cake in today’s web hosting industry. As with every new technology, cloud clients have their apprehensions too, the most important of these being security, privacy and following compliance standards.

What makes cloud security controversial?

Cloud computing is basically as network of servers that would be allocated by the cloud hosting providers as and when needed to the clients. The resultant of this allocation is a number of virtual servers floating like a cloud. This makes it impossible for the client to known on which of these clouds his data is hosted. With this unknown comes the lack of clarity and hence the apprehension of security.



The lack of clarity of the early cloud models brought with it the fear of security breach. Since it was a relatively new technology the providers did not completely understand its architecture and hence were not prepared to provide better security. But now with its growing popularity the providers have better equipped themselves and the security is improving.

Security Implementation in Cloud

A virtual machine is implemented on a physical server when the cloud resources are to be expanded. This virtual machine acts as a single dedicated server for the client. Anything that can be done on a dedicated server for security can be done on this virtual machine. This machine can be setup with its own fire wall, authentication mechanisms, and intrusion detection mechanisms for improvising the security of this virtual environment.

It is a mandated that the hosting companies apply their service legal agreement to their cloud solutions. If the companies have a PCI or HIPPA compliance certifications, the cloud solutions could be made compliant to them as well. There should also be dedicated back up servers provided to handle data integrity.



The most important thing when you chose a cloud hosting service provider is the confidence they instill in you. It is important to find a hosting service provider whom you can trust and whose infrastructure and compliance you are happy with. If you even have the slightest doubt with your provider it is better to change to a better one. It is indeed better to be safe than sorry. As technology evolves every day, there are newer and more powerful security solutions being provided for cloud. This will keep evolving and you are sure to have better security in place for
your cloud hosted data as the technology progresses.

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