Recycling Print Cartridges: Why This is a Good Idea

Recycling printer ink cartridges is one of the best ways to turn a method of consumption into a way to return something to the world. All printer cartridges are typically composed of plastic. Highly engineered polymers are the typical plastic used in the cartridges. Breaking down a plastic polymer requires about 1000 years to complete. When you throw these cartridges into a landfill, it requires even more time. Any time you choose to throw out a printer cartridge, it will go to a landfill. When you switch over to cartridges that use recycled materials, you help reduce the amount of waste that accumulates in landfills.

By recycling your old cartridges, you are also saving the amount of energy that is required for manufacturing new cartridges. In this way, switching over from new to recycled cartridges will save waste and energy.

If you want to make a new printer cartridge, you will need to use oil as well as energy. New ink cartridges of the standard design typically need to use about four ounces of oil in the process. The world’s oil supply cannot be renewed, which we are all aware of. One day in the rapidly approaching future, this oil supply will be all used up.

Because recycling printer cartridges eliminates the need to make a new cartridge, you will end up saving quite a bit of oil. Recycling experts have said that switching to recycled could save millions of barrels of oil in less than a full year. Reduction of oil use is a critical thing we all must do, since everything from cars, tires, plastics, and fuel is made from the same, limited oil supply.

By recycling our printer cartridges, people have estimated that we would be able to keep thousands of tons of plastic, metal, and other materials from ending up in the landfills. Those who can help with recycling used printer cartridges will be keeping the world from depositing thousands of tons of plastic into landfills, consuming millions of gallons of oil, and mining a lot of aluminum. When we keep this kinds of materials from being thrown into landfills, this also contributes to cleaner air and water.

Pollution from the factories that make printer cartridges is another reason to switch over to recycled cartridges, since you will be eliminating that from our environment.

It should be quite clear by now that there are any number of good reasons to change your printing habits from disposable cartridges to recyclable ones. By keeping materials out of our landfills, you are preventing air and water pollution, and avoiding new manufacturing allows for less consumption and pollution.

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