New forms of Email Marketing!

One of the most forward moving industries in the world is the advertising and marketing industry. Nothing is more constant in this sector, as change. People in the world of marketing are extremely creative. The implications are that they are constantly evolving new ways of marketing and ways of ensuring that their clients get better visibility. Let us talk about few of the top ways of marketing that are in vogue now. The most popular one right now is Email marketing. This is basically sending emails with the purpose of catching the attention of the targeted market. Once that is captured you could use the same means to develop the relationship with your customers.

Another means of marketing is by Affiliate Marketing which uses an affiliate partner to promote the clients’ business and some reward system for the affiliate for each click the affiliate brings.

When you visit a website there might have been a particular web banner which might have caught your attention. These banners are designed in an interesting manner to catch they eyes of a user. It might use static or animated image. Probably some interactive features like the audio-visual effects might be added to the banner to make it more appealing. This is called display advertising.

Viral marketing is another new form of marketing which entails catching on someone who has a wide social network to begin with. That person is sent an ad regarding the product or services, and asked to pass on the message just like a virus is spread on.

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