Managed Cloud Hosting Relieves the Stress on Your Network: What Are You Waiting For?

Companies throughout the global marketplace are struggling with stressed networks due to an increased focus of the all-IP environment. While such an environment does create a streamlined approach to doing business, you also have a lot to manage when all data, voice and video are streaming across your network. Have you considered managed cloud hosting to relieve some of that stress? Organizations such as yours are increasingly turning to managed cloud hosting to allow some breathing room on the network. The good news is that you don’t have to migrate completely to the cloud if you’re not ready–but you can if you’re willing.



Managed Cloud Hosting–What to Put in the Cloud?

While companies take a closer look at what managed cloud hosting has to offer, some wonder if they have to put everything in the cloud, or if they can pick and choose. Providers are enabling companies like yours to make informed decisions before moving anything into the hands of the managed cloud hosting provider. The cloud really has opened up significant opportunities for businesses of all sizes, bridging the gap between the haves and the have-nots when it comes to technology. What was once only available to the very largest of organizations is now extended to even the SMB at just a fraction of the cost. Trusting a managed cloud hosting provider is just one step to enjoy enterprise-level applications and capabilities on the budget of an SMB.

Managed Cloud Hosting Enables Technology Interaction

You would be amazed at the capabilities at your fingertips when you trust in the managed cloud hosting provider to migrate your network, applications, or both to the cloud. This platform is not about taking away control or putting your data at risk. Instead, the cloud is focused on computing and how users interact with technology. When you leverage managed cloud hosting, you gain the ability to make decisions very quickly and to access on-board new technologies faster than you ever have in the past. Even better, you don’t have to wait on hardware, infrastructure or administrators to launch the latest innovation. Managed cloud hosting providers allow you to access what you need with the click of a mouse, bringing your capabilities to a whole new level.



Stop Worrying About the Network and Enjoy Managed Cloud Hosting

Once you put your fears aside about making the move to managed cloud hosting, you’ll open up a whole new world of focus where you can concentrate on driving business decisions that produce profitable revenue instead of worrying about your network. Managed cloud hosting takes away much of the management, maintenance and support issues you are used to dealing with on your network. When you migrate to the cloud, you eliminate this stress from your network and your workday. And, when changes come along or new capabilities have to be added, you don’t have to spend days readying the system, testing the applications, or implementing new hardware devices. When it’s time to update the system in place, the managed cloud hosting provider does that for you–in real-time.

Keep in mind that managed cloud hosting is not a new animal and proven providers in the market can deliver powerful solutions that get results. You might be nervous about the change, but the benefits are likely to put you quickly at ease.

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