Important Considerations for Prom Night Makeup

Prom night is a very special occasion where, we enjoy and also interact and spend some precious time with our date. It is an important day, which is particularly celebrated by the seniors in the educational institutions. On this day, everyone aims at looking special, without too much of experimentation. Considering some important tips for makeup can help in ensuring best appearance on this special day.

Match your Makeup to what you Wear


Makeup is largely dependent on the type of dress, you select, for the special day, you can get some cool tips about Hair, Makeup, Beauty and Spa at From the lipstick color selection to the eye makeup all should be decided on the basis of the dress selected for the prom night. It is extremely important to match your dress color with the makeup colors, to ensure the combination is just perfect and lovely.

Adhere to the Theme

Many prom nights may have a pre-defined theme. The makeup for prom largely fluctuates, according to the theme. The theme may be wild animals but, prom nights usually do not have people dressed like wild animals. A person can just add a few animal skin colors may be yellow and black (symbolizing tiger) or any other color according to the preference on the eye lashes and adhere to the theme too.

Men can consider simple makeup tips. Their hair styles can be influenced by the theme and the dress what they wear. Women can consider different hair styles according to the theme or dress what they wear. Managing hair is a really important task which can magnify or nullify appearance of both men and women in such special occasions.

Careful selection of Makeup Equipment

Prom night might actually be the first occasions wherein women might feel the necessity to load themselves with makeup. Thus, it is important to select the makeup equipment properly which are not only effective but, quite easy to use. Using referral from cousins or from elders in regard to purchase of such items can prove really worthy.


After purchasing and planning, application of makeup for prom becomes really crucial. People participating in the prom nights might not be aware perfect makeup tips and might need the assistance of elders. It is always advised to have an expert beside when you are applying the makeup. Some essential tips to be followed, when applying makeup for special occasion are:-

-Apply makeup with clean hands. Wash your hands with soap before applying makeup.

-Create a foundation using purchased products or using cream/lotion and powder.

-Apply makeup in the right order always, first face, then eyes and then lips.

-Try out the makeup steps one day before prom night to get a glimpse of the outcome.

-Avoid too much makeup as your prom night might exceed to late at night and heavy makeup starts pouring and looks extremely ugly after a considerable time period.

-Overall keep it simple

Too much of makeup for prom, can often make you look ugly. It’s you who has to realize what amount of makeup is sufficient. Too much makeup may signify your lack of confidence. Hence, it is important to keep it simple.

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