How It Works

Loan Options is a gateway, which is to say that we have compiled over 60 of the country’s most reputable and established  loan and instant cash advance lenders. We have screened them for legitimacy and trustworthiness, so you will never have to sort through tens and hundreds of online lenders and scam artists in order to find that one diamond in the rough who can actually help you out of your temporary glitch.

When you stop into Loan Options, you will be offered some great resources that will help you to learn about the cash advance and  loan options, about how to budget for their repayment, and about how to decide on the amount of money you will actually need to borrow if approved. There will be no credit checks, no long, drawn out processing waits, and no questions asked as to the purpose of the loan that you have applied for. Because of these freedoms, you will need to be prepared to make choices in order to make the  loan process work out well for you.

You will be offered a quick and easy application to fill out within the Loan Options. When you send this in to us, it will remain secure and completely protected from hackers, spyware, and any other potentially hazardous techniques. It will be processed immediately, and you will be notified instantly as your application is matched up with the lender who is most likely able to meet your needs. This does happen within a few seconds to a few minutes at the most.

Once you receive the notification that you are approved for an instant cash advance through one of the lenders listed at Loan Options, you will be given the opportunity to read through all of the terms and the obligations that you will be held under should you opt to accept the loan. Be sure to read this thoroughly before you agree to the terms, as you will be held to them strictly once you have authorized the direct deposit to your checking account. Loan amounts range from $100 to $1,500.

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