Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

With growing technological advancement and the need to be equipped with these technologies for the growth of businesses, small businesses are often left behind since they cannot afford an IT department on their own. They usually rely on consultants or value added resellers or even their friends to meet these needs. Cloud computing has become a boon for these small businesses, as they can consume hardware, software and any other resources needed to meet their business needs over the internet, on a subscription basis.

This service was restricted to web servicing and e-mail some ten years ago. Now IT needs like CRM, phone systems, collaboration applications, PC Management, security etc, are serviced on the cloud.



Today, all big players like Microsoft and Google and a person running an IT company with a handful of employees are all competing alike to get a slice of the mind share and the dollar value that the cloud has to offer. A lot of companies are competing to capitalize on the small business cloud. An example would be Verizon which has its Computing as a Service concept and a lot of companies provide “Software as a Service (SAAS)” over the internet. All this is proof enough of how the software firms are trying to win the small business space by offering the services through cloud.

The key to win small business space is to provide all services needed by these companies. If a vendor offers them all they need it is highly unlikely that they will move someplace else. If you are looking to make more bucks through small businesses, then your mantra should be provide them more services.

The cloud services offered to these small businesses must be easy to use and well integrated. Keep in mind that these are small companies and cannot afford to manage complex services.

The other important factor is to provide them enterprise level services at an affordable price and allow them to add or drop services. After all that is the reason they are opting cloud. If some one can pay for what they consume, they would be happier customers. The service providers should also package their services efficiently and always keep evolving to keep their footing in this industry.

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